Presently on diapers.

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The fact that a 1-st 30 days you need be ironed on both sides, we remember comfortably. Here's as to sluice? It is good to sluice with ordinary baby soap. You may also zastiryvat and stains with feces. Diaper request to rinse very comfortably. Very dry, of course, it would be great on the street but there is a sign of persistent grandmothers items a beautiful child can not be desiccated in a street to avoid a evil eye. Believe it or not - a business! But at times from a lot of diapers drying in a rooms develops mold, that much more dangerous for the newborn's heartiness, and a moms and dads too. Read more -->

How to keep a child in the bath

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A matter of how to keep a baby in the bath of concern to many new mums. Bathing baby is a highly important process, which allows a newborn to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. Water treatments helps calm a crumbs are an aid for the leaving of his skin.

However could keep baby in a bath? If bathing handed, so your left mitt to support a baby in the back of the head, neck and back with his mitt. In this case, a right hand want hold the baby's legs and buttocks.

Keep a child in a bath may be in a position to capture a shoulder. In this case, a head of the newborn is on a upper arm to bathe, and a palm of the like hand - supports the crumbs at a shoulder joint of a outer shoulder of Bathe newborn. Holding the child in such a method, by bath the insurance from accidentally slipping and dipping a child into a aqua. Read more -->

However to nourish expressed natural milk

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If you are fresh-feeding because of a failure of her child, every time, from time to time in 1-2 feeding crumbs yet offer a warm. Often it happens that even after a child is 4-7 months fed expressed natural milk from a bottle, he suddenly begins to pick up the fresh itself, however yes it is actively eating, so of the that, a mom grabs his head, as to cure it now with her. The like goes for the weak and premature children, however you get to have stronger, you learn sucking and 3-5 month of life did get to juice themselves from a fresh natural milk.

If you possess established breast-feeding, and feeding expressed milk is required as a temporary solution, the right not to spoil the baby latch on, ask a nurse or grandma feed him expressed milk from a cup or spoonful. Do not let a baby suck on a nipple for infants, it is superfluous. Sometimes kids successfully suck and mum, and a bottle. For perestahovki can pick up a current anatomical (antikolikovuyu) bottle with a small hole. Read more -->

How to bathe a child

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First bath may finish with 5 to Fifteen minutes. If a baby will love to swim, may further extend a process. In stores at the present time, a wide range of different podstavochek for swimming, but, how a rule, you are big in sizing for a newborn, however It is possible to apply them later, after 1-2 weeks.

Good rinse a inguinal folds child of the a bath may be lubricated with butter or particular children boiled vegetable to avoid diaper rash. Ears and nose clean out dry cotton flagella.

Bathe newborn with soap every time is not required, it is alone two minutes a 7 days. Claim to wash my thin hair once a week. For water treatment, apply ordinary newborn soap or exceptional shampoos and foam for babies. Read more -->

H2o for a child

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Moms and grandmothers clearly remember how the first days dopaivali babies aqua. It is advised in a hospital and the doctors and pediatricians. And on the one hand this is a logical explanation. Water for children need be, however a man in a greater its content of the aqua, and as a child spent his 1-st some weeks in a aquatic environment. But let's look deeper into the social unit of a time. Following birth mom took maintenance of the infants, but you had alone six weeks, which would prepare a newborn for independent feeding (that is not in need of natural milk). Read more -->

Weight gain of a child baby

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A physical growth of your newborn's first year of life causes a lot of anxiety and fear. Prettily moms often worry if you gain weight deviates from the norm. By a standards should not be approached too formal. Gravity may delay infection, digestive problems, goiter. Breast-feeding children for the 1-st year, growing faster than in later ages. For the year, almost all children triple your weight. Read more -->

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