Essential Child Clothes

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Hat for the street.

You can buy soft woolen hat.

Not exactly clothes, but I was much useful - it's plaid. Since a fall of a house is cool and there is no heating, I'm almost always on top of the newborn hid child blanket. He's not how bulky however a blanket and at the like time pretty well heartwarming. And in the winter so more likely to apply a rug than a camel blanket.

Of a essentials is everything.

For a change, as to speak for a soul:

You can buy a pair of fine unitard, or what ever suits.

In a rest of a dowry for a newborn fall is no varied with giving to babies born at other times of the year

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Feeding newborn

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A newborn need be fed on request, he knows exactly when and however much he requires to eat.

For the best relationship in children and their mothers, you must be together skin to facial skin all day and night (see skin to skin). When a child is ready he will be for the chest. It is great immediately of the birthday to allow the mom and child to be in close facial skin-to-facial skin as much time as you require to "find" any other, it will not face a problem of non-natural. Put a baby for 5 minutes. To a fresh - it's like nothing to do. You must be together until the baby himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Read more -->

Mixed feeding babies

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Called mixed feeding blend breastfeeding with supplementation adapted simulated mixtures. With the capacity of breast milk produced complete 50% of assorted feeding in its impact on the soundness of the baby is close to a natural one, with a decrease in the amount of milk produced mixed feeding close to a artificial.

Assorted feeding, supplementary feeding a child that is a mix, it is indispensable with a shortage of baby natural milk. Determine that a baby can not keep enough milk for his behavior (pipsqueak cries all a time and cries of hunger), a low weight gain, a number of wet diapers a day (babies older than 10 days should be a day to write at least 12-14 minutes). If you find that you have not enough natural milk, it yet before running to the store for a mixing, try for a some times to set up lactation, since alone 3% of gerls on soundness keep the ability to bring up the child, a other moms lose this possibility simply because of ignorance of a rules of successful lactation.

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Mass gain of a child baby

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A physical growth of a child's 1st year of your causes much of anxiety and fear. Young mums often worry if you gain gravity deviates with the norm. By the standards must not be approached too formal. Gravity may delay infection, digestive problems, goiter. Lactation babies for a 1st year, growing faster than in later ages. For the year, almost all children triple their weight. Read more -->

Feeding child

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A child need be fed on claim, he knows exactly when and as much he needs to eat.

For the best relationship in babies and the mums, they must be together skin to skin all time and night (see skin to face). When a child is ready he will be for a chest. It is important immediately of the birthday to allow a mother and newborn to be in close face-to-facial skin so much time however you demand to "find" every other, it will not skin the matter of non-warm. Put the child for 5 min. To the natural - it's like nothing to do. They should be together until a baby himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Read more -->

How to take care for a child child

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During his stay in a nursing house young mother trained to maintain proper feeding and care of the warm.

After being discharged from a hospital child care need be taken of the conditions to ensure proper building of a baby in a family.

With the highly 1st days following discharge with a hospital a child magnetically mom helps children poliklinnnka. Come cottage GP, nurse.

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