Learn whether a sufficient capacity of milk you can have a kid to certain criteria:

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1) The newborn stands around a like intervals between feedings;

2) good-gaining weightiness and height;

3) the baby's stool a yellowish color, often 2-3 minutes daily. "Hungry" stool scanty, greenish, maybe with mucus.

In case of shortage of milk a newborn is not in a rush to introduce synthetic mix. Perfect decorate feeding the baby milk, which after expression in sterile container stored in a refrigerator up to 12 hours. In the case of pasteurized milk may be stored for longer.

For a 1st 30 days, on average Child adds 600 grams. But there is more. Depends on the temperament and character of sucking. Read more -->

So to dress newborn at home

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When moms dress a babies for a cottage environment, they also should follow a steps.

If a placement is pretty cool, so a baby need wear cotton underwear, a lightness suit and warm socks. This kit should be supplemented wool suit.

If the cottage is hot, so It is possible to have socks and a thin T-shirt. Coming up with something extra is not indispensable. This newborn wear is sufficient.

All these recommendations are chief and will work for most children. But in all matters necessary to consider a child's wishes and his idiosyncrasies.

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How to take care for a newborn child

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During his stay in the nursing house magnetically mum trained to maintain proper feeding and service of the natural.

Of the being discharged with the hospital child attention need be taken of a conditions to ensure proper progress of the baby in the family.

With a more first days after discharge from a hospital a newborn beautiful mom helps babies poliklinnnka. Come home GP, nurse.

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A attractive mother frequently worried umbilical wound in the child.

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A umbilical cord, though there is no discharge from the hospital, but the wound did not heal mrzhet yet. Require careful disinfectant: daily wiping with 60% alcohol so wash with an aqueous resolution of eosin, application of sterile dressings, which want always be dry (if necessary replace it several times a day). Umbilical wound to heal completely on a fifteenth time after a patch is removed. When wound zarubtsuetsya, It is possible to bathe your child (some creation gigienncheskih sanitary conditions, including bath, see p. 21, to walk with him in the air in helf weather.

Sometimes a mother is worrying sweating newborn. Sweaty head, arms and legs. Read more -->

Infant feeding mixing

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We all know that breast natural milk - it is an ideal food for babies. Breast natural milk has a balanced composition, designed specifically for a individual child and a changing of his age, it is also significant however that it contains hundreds of components that are beneficial to the newborn's aging body, contributing to his mental building and physical growth. Repeat a composition of breast milk is not potential, the best blends contain 60-80 components, a synthetic vitamins and minerals possess lower digestibility than in natural mum's natural milk. But what if a woman 18 years old for whatever reason, may not bring up the baby feeding?

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How to wear child - on a street and at house

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Here came a long-awaited moment! Child was born, and proud parents with a child of going home. So it appears at the recently moms and dads much of questions. However a rule, you are not experienced with the babies and very afraid of doing something wrong. How to feed, How to look after, as to wear a child? Here are some common questions that worry parents just appeared a newborn. Let us dwell in more detail on the third issue.

A most significant rule - stick to the gilded mean. A child must be dressed however that he was hot and comfortable. Read more -->

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