However to bathe a newborn


First bath can finish from 5 to 15 minutes. If the newborn will love to swim, can further extend a process. In stores at the present time, a wide range of varied podstavochek for swimming, but, however a rule, you are great in size for a child, so you can use them later, following 1-2 weeks.

Thoroughly rinse a inguinal folds child after a bath can be lubricated with butter or especial babies boiled vegetable to avoid diaper rash. Ears and nose clean out dry cotton flagella.

Bathe child with soap every day is not indispensable, it is only two times a week. Claim to wash my thin hair once a week. For aqua treatment, use normal newborn soap or especial shampoos and foam for infants. Read more -->

As to feed expressed milk


If you are warm-feeding because of the failure of her newborn, every day, with time to time in 1-2 feeding crumbs yet propose a breast. Occasionally it happens that even later the newborn is 4-7 weeks fed expressed milk from a bottle, he suddenly begins to take the fresh itself, however yes it is actively eating, so after that, a mother grabs his head, however to cure it currently from her. The like goes for the weak and premature children, how you get to have stronger, you learn sucking and 3-5 30 days of life did get to juice themselves with a fresh milk.

If you keep established natural-feeding, and feeding expressed milk is required how a temporary solution, a right not to spoil a baby latch on, ask a nurse or grandmother feed him expressed milk with a cup or spoon. Do not let the child suck on a nipple for babies, it is superfluous. Sometimes kids successfully suck and mom, and a bottle. For perestahovki can choose up a contemporary anatomical (antikolikovuyu) bottle with a little hole. Read more -->

Ablution clothes child


When bringing house a small crumb, so a problem arises - how to deal with his clothes? The facial skin of infants, specifically babies, are more sensitive to them and all the items have to be more pleasant and comfortable to wear. For help immediately comes much of advisers, from both parents mothers and the relatives of a spouse. About say that the use of bleach and "adult" means can affect the baby's skin may cause irritation and dermatitis. Others believe that if water-washed mode with these like tools, but only in a particular program "newborn clothes", no effects and irritations will not.

Ablution clothes newborn becomes a kind of dilemma for all mothers: a wash and as a baby feels comfortable in water-washed items? First you wish to attentively examine a labels and tags from the manufacturers of infants's clothes that you wear a child. Manufacturers prompt at what temperature must erase this thing and whether to use with any means. If the icon is mitt Thoroughly wash, do not experiment and spoil the kid thing, refuse to use the ablution machine for a sake of the ablution item to bring your crumb enjoy wearing. Read more -->

How to feed expressed natural milk


In the old hours, when a children were breastfed by the hour, moms had after every feeding to express natural to the last drop. This proceedings was required to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in women. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends lactation on require, so a natural milk will come so long as the newborn requires, and there is no demand to decant. But there are cases in which have to nourish a baby your expressed natural milk, for example:

1. Mum goes to work, and a time to nourish the newborn sitter or grandma expressed natural milk. This will allow the mum to continue breast-feeding, and, despite a early exit with a decree to breastfeed so long so possible.

2. Read more -->

Child retrograde blood


If a child is often spit up, you claim to pay striving to a position of the crumbs while lactation, it is potential that the posture in which the child's sucking is not very comfortable in a process of eating a child grabs much of air, because of this, and the process of retrograde blood. Some reason could be a wrong nipple or a big hole in it, which also contributes to a exterior of air in a body and therefore can not avoid retrograde blood. For the "bottle-child" doctors recommend limited blend antireflyusnuyu and often even offer received special treatment.

First weeks of child spit up frequently, in practice, later every feeding. However, if a newborn feels well and gaining weight, there is no reason to worry. Everything will pass after a while.

To see a medic is if retrograde blood abundant and regular, same vomiting (fountain), have a yellowish or greenish color and odor, and a behavior of the newborn restless, aging body gravity poor.

Retrograde blood is actually more normal thing for the child. To make sure the baby could get rid of a excess air and train the muscles of the stomach, it should be held upright later feeding, often lay on a stomach and you follow great posture while feeding. Read more -->

Feeding child


A child need be fed on claim, he knows exactly when and as much he needs to eat.

For the best relationship in babies and the mums, they must be together skin to skin all time and night (see skin to face). When a child is ready he will be for a chest. It is important immediately of the birthday to allow a mother and newborn to be in close face-to-facial skin so much time however you demand to "find" every other, it will not skin the matter of non-warm. Put the child for 5 min. To the natural - it's like nothing to do. They should be together until a baby himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Read more -->

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