Dining premature babies


Nutrition of premature babies need be exceptional and approach feed them natural. Naturally, the infants born before a term is not however good-developed reflexes, however in babies who were born in time. That is why on feeding approach is to pick out a pose in which the child will be automatically swallowing natural milk and will not trigger the gag reflex rejection of food.

Do not be alarmed if your medic recommends that you feed a newborn through a tube. This type of ration administered to children who were born with very low birth weight. A future step is bottle feeding, so however and when the sucking reflex will be potential to run to a full natural feeding.

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So to bathe a child


1-st bath can last from 5 to 15 minutes. If a newborn will love to swim, can further extend the proceedings. In stores currently, a wide range of different podstavochek for swimming, but, as a rule, you are big in size for a child, how you can use them later, of the 1-2 weeks.

Nicely rinse the inguinal folds newborn after a bath may be lubricated with oil or limited babies boiled vegetable to avoid diaper rash. Ears and nose clean dry cotton flagella.

Bathe child with soap every time is not indispensable, it is only two minutes a 7 days. Must to wash out my hair once a week. For water treatment, use average newborn soap or exceptional shampoos and foam for babies. Read more -->

Tearfulness newborn


If a mother does not get milk and the baby is bottle-fed, it is desirable to give a newborn donor.

In this case, the child of the donor need be a like age however being bottle-fed. This is momentous, since the composition

Human natural milk varies according to a age and the natural milk woman whose baby is much older, does not bring much goodness. In this case, it's consummate to adapted formulas designed to feed infants during a 1st 3 months of life.

Complicated feeding a newborn a first month of your with a disease of a mom. In acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat, it may feed your child natural, while wearing a mask, done of layers of gauze 5.7 (It is possible to keep several of these masks for any feed). When an infectious disease of a newborn from her isolated and fed expressed breast natural milk pasteurized.

Physiological immaturity of the child's organism, occurring adverse pregnancy or childbirth may lead to unfavorable evolution of the central nervous system of the child, a how-called encephalopathy. He restlessly behaves, ofttimes wakes up crying lots. Read more -->

Wash clothes newborn


Practitioners, dermatologists recommend the first two or three weeks to bath newborn clothes with a special soap and use a particular powderise, which is marked, that they are suitable for cleaning things child. Also fashionable to apply liquid detergents, however you get a softer capacity and does not cause irritation, however powderise means. In any case, when wash clothes child is taken into account, that a Carefully wash cycle (manual or on the wash machine), you want nicely rinse items, however it is in this process of getting rid of excess collateral facial skin irritation child.

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Infant feeding mixing


If you claim a newborn food on a road, where it is impossible to meet all heartiness standards for its preparation, use store bought ready-made mixes for single use, or can be sterilized in a very dry bottle to pour a mixture in a separate jar to hold water for cooking.

In addition to the mixture is more important bottle from which you feed a newborn. It must be made with environmentally friendly plastic or glass to withstand stewing, the sizing and bod of the nipple need be adapted for the child. Now there are many various antikolikovyh bottles that prevent the ingress of air into the stomach, little bottles, imitating sucking of breasts, etc.

You are fed a mix of not more than once every 3 hours. The capacity of food required is calculated at the rate of 120-150 ml per 1 kilogram birthday weightiness divided by a number of feedings per time. Normally child to 30-60 ml in one feeding, and the monthly newborn is 90-120 ml. Do you have enough baby food to determine its behavior, dialed weight, and the number of dirty diapers and zapisyannyh. Read more -->

Diaper dermatitis in children


Even if all a rules of hygiene are observed, there are children whose skin is naturally more tender and more susceptible to even much slight external exposure. If a newborn just be worth while to apply special hygiene lotions for sensitive baby face, and while bath to apply particular charges herbal bath that reduces face irritation. Such complex care about a newborn will reduce the likelihood of irritation to a skin and gives you lots of crumbs of helf feeling.

Be careful - so soon so you notice the 1-st symptoms of dermatitis - check with a medic, strengthen measures hygiene care about a child. Once you enjoy a strength to return a newborn healthy facial skin and rid it of any discomfort in the configuration of irritation and itching.

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