Infant feeding mixing


Mixture divided into adapted, non-adapted and partially adapted. Adapted formulas more suitable children, because a composition is as close to a composition of fresh milk. Partially adapted formulas worse repeat composition of fresh milk, but normally are cheaper, which is also significant for a family. If the child does not get health problems, you can talk with your pediatrician about a transfer of the child to such a mixture, but alone after 3-6 weeks. Unadapted mixture - is essentially cow's or goat's natural milk, and feed the children up to a year's milk is not recommended, because its structure is highly varied from the composition of women's natural milk, and seethe further reduces the capacity of nutrients it contains.

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How to nourish expressed natural milk


In a old times, when the children were breastfed by a hour, mothers had of the any feeding to express breast to a finish drop. This process was necessary to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in women. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding on request, so a natural milk will come as long as a child needs, and there is no need to decant. But there are cases in which keep to feed a baby a expressed milk, for example:

1. Mom goes to work, and the day to nourish the child sitter or grandmother expressed milk. This will allow the mother to continue lactation, and, despite a early exit with a decree to breastfeed so long so potential.

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However to wear newborn in winter - winter Dowry for a child


Preparing dowry for a newborn, put To the note that babies grow very fast and a great abundance of items may not stay relevant. Newborn just do not have time to put down all, it will be his kid.

However to opt clothes for the newborn? - A chief requirements

1. Newborn clothes should be made of organic, mild tissues, in ordering to avoid skin irritation baby. The best is 100% cotton, it face breathe. Woolen garments is much comfortable for a baby, because it has a ability to stretch, but it holds its anatomy.

2. In order not to disturb a child much dressing (and it will get to do often), a garments should be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Read more -->

However to keep a child in the bath


A question of so to keep the newborn in the bath of worry to a lot of new mums. Bath child is a highly significant process, which allows the baby to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. Water treatments helps calm the crumbs are an aid for the service of his facial skin.

However could keep newborn in the bath? If bathing handed, so the left hand to support a child in a back of a head, neck and back with his mitt. In this case, the rightly hand want hold a baby's legs and buttocks.

Keep a newborn in the bath can be in a position to capture a shoulder. In this case, a head of the baby is on the upper arm to bathe, and the palm of the same hand - supports the crumbs at a shoulder joint of the outer shoulder of Bathe child. Holding a baby in such a method, by bathing the insurance with accidentally slipping and dipping a child into the h2o. Read more -->

Breast-feeding a child


Extremely influential for breastfeeding a baby sucking a natural milk and fluent and thick, but otherwise it just does not eat, and of the a short time again asks to eat. Breast-feeding a newborn can be considered udavshimsya when the child will be a nice gain weight.

About five months baby and a 1/2 hours will suck only one breast, and after five months - at a feeding once both.

Breastfeeding toddler may fail if a mum will do approximately mistakes:

In no case want not express milk of the each feeding, it is indispensable only if a mom is in a hospital, and a newborn at home. We mothers are always produced however much natural milk so a newborn would eat.

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Signs of early baby


Signs of a premature newborn, in particular the weakness you require more upkeep and permanent care of a child. It should be borne in mind that one of these features is a temperature of a child - it is lower in preterm rates may be even 30 degrees. This is due to the high evaporation with the surface of a aging body, as it happens - the heat, which is indispensable for a ordinary functioning of a body in a natural way is lost. A second difficulty of care and survival of early babies is associated with hypoplasia of a muscles. While yet a newborn is unable to properly perform motor activity, does not have vital reflexes and requires intensive maintenance and care about, that he promptly mastered a set of required actions to control his aging body.

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However to wear child - on a street and at home


Here came a long-awaited moment! Baby was born, and proud moms and dads with their baby of going home. Then it appears at a newly mothers and dads much of questions. How a rule, they are not experienced with a infants and highly afraid of doing something wrong. As to nourish, how to care, as to wear a child? Here are any common questions that worry parents just appeared a child. Let us dwell in more detail on the third matter.

A most important rule - stick to the golden mean. A baby want be dressed so that he was heartwarming and comfortable. Read more -->

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