Items to erase items newborn


Every mum on the birthday of the baby thinks size what and so to erase things child. A lot of mums say detergent and bleach negative impact on the child's facial skin, while others insist on the use of these funds in ordering to kill microbes. There are many features and rules of wash things newborn.

1st of all, earlier wash clothes, need be closely examined on the item memo care of items. More ofttimes, children's wear, specifically for sleeping, has any fire retardant qualities, as that the product is forbidden to washing in soapy h2o, in order to save a flame-retardant properties. A rest of clothes may be water-washed using soap or detergent.

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Mixed feeding children


Called mixed feeding mix lactation with supplementation adapted artificial mixtures. With a capacity of natural milk produced complete 50% of mix feeding in its impact on a lustiness of a baby is close to a organic one, with a decrease in a amount of natural milk produced assorted feeding close to a artificial.

Mixed feeding, supplementary feeding a newborn that is a mix, it is required with a shortage of baby milk. Determine that a baby can not get enough milk for his behavior (pipsqueak cries all a time and cries of hunger), a little mass gain, the number of wet diapers daily (infants older than 10 days must be per day to write at least 12-14 minutes). If you find that you have not enough milk, it still before running to the store for a mixture, strive for a any days to install lactation, since only 3% of gerls on heartiness possess their ability to bring up the baby, a other moms lose this possibility simply because of ignorance of the rules of successful lactation.

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Dining child


Somewhere in a middle of up to 6 weeks, the child receives only milk. So, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, milk did not lose their value, it is, on the contrary, adapts to a child. Enzymes in warm milk, help the child cope with a stomach digesting unfamiliar food. Therefore, we first give the lure, so Child drink it with natural milk.

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Nursing of untimely babies


Special attention in a attention of premature babies given maintenance of ordinary body temperature child. Toddlers are not developed enough temperature control, because you may speedily supercool, when a body temperature drops to 35 degrees or opposite to overheat, and a aging body temperature rises to 40 degrees. So, infants are discharged with neonatal units only following you may maintain the body temperature in an open crib 24-48 hours. Home, moms and dads require to constantly monitor a temperature in a apartment where a newborn is, it need be 23-24 degrees. Under the covers at bedtime need be maintained temperature 30-33 degrees. A apartment in which a baby want be regularly and good aired, taking out a newborn in some placement at the time of airing so establish a apartment temperature of 23-24 degrees normative.

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As to keep the newborn in the bath


A issue of so to keep a newborn in the bath of worry to a lot of new moms. Bath baby is a highly serious process, which allows the baby to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. Water treatments helps calm a crumbs are an aid for a maintenance of his facial skin.

However could keep child in the bath? If balneum handed, then your left mitt to support the child in the back of a head, neck and back with his hand. In this case, the right hand want hold the child's legs and buttocks.

Keep a child in a bath may be in a position to capture the shoulder. In this case, a head of a child is on a upper arm to bathe, and a palm of the same hand - supports a crumbs at a shoulder joint of the outer shoulder of Bathe child. Holding the child in such a technique, by bath the insurance with accidentally slipping and dipping a baby into the h2o. Read more -->

How to feed expressed natural milk


If you are natural-feeding because of a failure of her child, every day, from time to time in 1-2 feeding crumbs yet propose a natural. Occasionally it happens that even of the the child is 4-7 weeks fed expressed milk with a bottle, he suddenly begins to pick up the fresh itself, so yes it is actively eating, then after that, the mom grabs his head, how to cure it now with her. The like goes for a weak and untimely children, however you begin to get stronger, they learn to suck and 3-5 month of life did begin to extract themselves with a natural milk.

If you have established natural-feeding, and feeding expressed natural milk is required how a temporary solution, a rightly not to spoil the newborn latch on, ask a nurse or grandma feed him expressed milk from a cup or spoon. Do not let the child suck on a pacifier for children, it is superfluous. Sometimes kids successfully suck and mother, and a bottle. For perestahovki may choose up a current anatomical (antikolikovuyu) bottle with a little hole. Read more -->

So to wear newborn - on a street and at cottage


Here came the long-awaited moment! Baby was born, and proud parents with your newborn of going home. And then it appears at a newly mums and dads a lot of questions. As a rule, you are not experienced with a babies and more afraid of doing something improperly. How to nourish, How do I care, as to wear a newborn? Here are some common questions that worry moms and dads just appeared a child. Let us dwell in more detail on a 3-rd issue.

The most important rule - stick to a gilded mean. The child want be dressed so that he was heartwarming and comfortable. Read more -->

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