Nursing of early infants


Bathe early children are permitted no earlier than 7-10 hours. Balneum want be done in a limited child bath, the temperature of the air in a restroom want not be below 25 degrees, water for balneum - 38 degrees. Bathe premature infants up to 3 months to alone boiled aqua. Boiled aqua especially, stand to come out chlorine, then heat and diluted with cold-blooded boiled h2o to 38 degrees, for convenience, It is possible to use a limited children's thermometer. Immediately following balneum to wrap a baby in a bath towel or flannel diaper, run to a hot and wear. Untimely children dressed warmer than full-term babies.

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H2o for a newborn


Mums and grandmothers clearly remember so a 1-st hours dopaivali infants h2o. It is advised in a hospital and a doctors and pediatricians. And on the one hand this is a logical explanation. H2o for children need be, however a man in a greater its capacity of the aqua, and however a baby spent his 1-st some months in the aquatic environment. But let's look deeper into the social unit of a time. Of the birthday mother took care of the babies, but you had alone six weeks, which would prepare the baby for independent feeding (that is not in need of warm natural milk). Read more -->

Wash clothes newborn


Practitioners, dermatologists recommend the 1-st 2 or three weeks to wash baby clothes with a especial soap and use a special powder, which is marked, that they are suitable for cleaning items child. Also fashionable to apply fluent detergents, how you have a softer capacity and does not cause irritation, so powder means. In any case, when washing clothes child is taken into account, that a Thoroughly wash cycle (manual or on a washing machine), you must good rinse items, so it is in this process of getting rid of excess collateral skin irritation child.

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Dining child


Somewhere in the middle of up to 6 weeks, a child receives only natural milk. Then, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, milk did not lose your value, it is, on a contrary, adapts to a child. Enzymes in breast natural milk, help the baby cope with the stomach digesting unfamiliar food. So, we 1st give a lure, then Baby drink it with milk.

At the present time a bit of synthetic feeding. For a 1-st few weeks of child's life should be adapted formula. Its composition is however close to a composition of breast milk. Read more -->

Weight gain of a child baby


A physical growth of your newborn's first year of life causes a lot of anxiety and fear. Prettily moms often worry if you gain weight deviates from the norm. By a standards should not be approached too formal. Gravity may delay infection, digestive problems, goiter. Breast-feeding children for the 1-st year, growing faster than in later ages. For the year, almost all children triple your weight. Read more -->

Dining premature babies


Nutrition of premature babies need be exceptional and approach feed them natural. Naturally, the infants born before a term is not however good-developed reflexes, however in babies who were born in time. That is why on feeding approach is to pick out a pose in which the child will be automatically swallowing natural milk and will not trigger the gag reflex rejection of food.

Do not be alarmed if your medic recommends that you feed a newborn through a tube. This type of ration administered to children who were born with very low birth weight. A future step is bottle feeding, so however and when the sucking reflex will be potential to run to a full natural feeding.

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So to bathe a child


1-st bath can last from 5 to 15 minutes. If a newborn will love to swim, can further extend the proceedings. In stores currently, a wide range of different podstavochek for swimming, but, as a rule, you are big in size for a child, how you can use them later, of the 1-2 weeks.

Nicely rinse the inguinal folds newborn after a bath may be lubricated with oil or limited babies boiled vegetable to avoid diaper rash. Ears and nose clean dry cotton flagella.

Bathe child with soap every time is not indispensable, it is only two minutes a 7 days. Must to wash out my hair once a week. For water treatment, use average newborn soap or exceptional shampoos and foam for babies. Read more -->

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