Child Maintenance


Newborn one every 7-10 days on a arms and legs cautiously trimmed nails little scissors.

In the first 30 days of life, the newborn is very susceptible to infection, and therefore it is required to protect it from disease how attentively however potential. If a adult lung disease, say a cold, and he carries it easily, the newborn, infected, may seriously ill. How do not kiss a baby's skin or hand. A 1st time it is better to protect it with contact with outsiders adults. When walking to select the places where some people. Mom or assistant to help taking maintenance of a newborn must follow natural rules of hygiene: collect thin hair, to monitor the purity of a body, particularly a hands and nails. Read more -->

Nursing of premature children


Bathe untimely infants are permitted no earlier than 7-10 hours. Bath should be done in a limited child bath, a temperature of a air in the restroom must not be below 25 degrees, water for bath - 38 degrees. Bathe premature children up to 3 months to alone boiled water. Boiled aqua especially, stand to come out chlorine, so heat and diluted with cold-blooded boiled aqua to 38 degrees, for convenience, It is possible to apply a careful babies's thermometer. Immediately later balneum to wrap a baby in a bath wiper or flannel diaper, run to a heartwarming and wear. Premature babies dressed warmer than full-term babies.

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Newborn 1 30 days


Highly influential for the baby's 1-st 5 days of life, at which time passes birth stress, the newborn want always be observed by your physician. Today, many babies are born with birthday trauma, low Apgar score, such babies require further examination, so mum and baby of the hospital may immediately translate to the children. In the early times, and laid a foundation for a successful breastfeeding. Immediately following birthday is used to a chest, and he gets a drop of valuable colostrum to good immunity in the next. 3-5 time my mother got a 1-st natural milk before a baby is fed colostrum. Milk and colostrum allocated as much as you newborn if you feed it on demand. Read more -->

Regurgitation, diaper rash, warmth rash, crying baby


Anyone who spends caring for a child facing a phenomenon of retrograde blood during feeding a child. Frequently he is suffering with abdominal cramps, how that leaves a breast Sucitu legs, crying. At times it is frothy and white lumps chair.

This is explained by a physiological immaturity of the aging body. For a like reason, there are cases of poor digestion newborn natural milk. In this case, the child belly swells, a chair is more common, with mucus. It is influential to determine what caused all this, is not a result of a state of intestinal infection. Read more -->


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How to wear baby in winter - winter Dowry for a newborn


Preparing dowry for a newborn, pick up To the note that babies grow very fast and a lovely abundance of items can not stay relevant. Child just have not time to put down all, it will be his kid.

However to pick out clothes for a newborn? - The main requirements

1. Child clothes need be done of organic, gentle tissues, in order to avoid skin irritation baby. The best is 100% cotton, it facial skin breathe. Woolen clothing is very comfortable for the newborn, because it has a ability to stretch, but it holds its bod.

2. In ordering not to disturb the child much dressing (and it will keep to do frequently), the garments should be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Read more -->

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