Breast-feeding a newborn


During feeding discomfort gradually disappear, and a duo of times, a young girl no longer feel any discomfort.

With a above it is clear that a process of natural milk takes time. And very often the girl is not ready for this. Beautiful mother seems that it is something not how much that a milk she will not possess that child does not sate. Her torment fears and doubts, and eventually she gives in will stop lactation. However, in no case should not go on about the size of their fears. Mums need to remember that most of a problems with lactation can be overcome with the help and assistance of experts. Read more -->



Again, the same thing is not necessary. You can easily do without it. Specifically if you have small placement and the extra area is not available.

We 1-st child very well without the highchair. We lived together with a moms and dads and a place in the apartment was very little, and in a kitchen at all free, only 50 space centimeter which also put him there? So have not to purchase big chair. With the second child, we moved to a more spacious placement and decided to buy big chairs, but bought not just a children's high chair, and a little babies's desk and two chair (we keep a newborn presently two) eat them more comfortable there than at the desk, but it is not a mandatory purchase for your child. At the table to eat them more interesting than separately. Read more -->

Washing clothes child


Practitioners, dermatologists recommend a 1st 2 or three months to washing baby clothes with a special soap and apply a particular powderise, which is marked, that you are suitable for cleaning things child. Also fashionable to apply fluent detergents, how you possess a softer capacity and does not cause irritation, how powder means. In the case, when washing clothes child is taken into account, that any bath cycle (manual or on the ablution machine), you must thoroughly rinse items, so it is in this process of getting rid of excess collateral facial skin irritation newborn.

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How to wear baby in winter - winter Dowry for a newborn


Preparing dowry for a newborn, take To the note that babies grow very fast and a nice abundance of items can not stay relevant. Baby just have not time to put down all, it will be his kid.

However to opt clothes for the newborn? - A main requirements

1. Newborn clothes should be done of natural, mild tissues, in order to avoid facial skin irritation baby. The best is 100% cotton, it face breathe. Knitted garments is more comfortable for a child, because it has a ability to stretch, but it holds its contour.

2. In order not to disturb the baby much dressing (and it will enjoy to do often), the garments must be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Read more -->

Laundry Child


That was a miracle - in the family has a long-awaited newborn. Among the a lot of efforts of added one more - ablution clothes attractive newborn. It would seem that it may be heavily to washing clothes for the child? Enough to throw another batch of laundry in a washing machine, and the issue is solved! But not how simple in fact, there are a lot of nuances to this sensitive issue. Let's pick up a closer be at a general rules of laundry for the kids.

All linen, you have bought the child should be closely washed and ironed on both sides. It is advisable to Thoroughly wash the hand and newborn soap, or in a wash machine subtle small items children may "catch" or, conversely, to stretch out. Later, of course, can be used and machine washing, selecting a mode for delicate items. Read more -->

Tearfulness child


If a mom does not enjoy natural milk and a newborn is bottle-fed, it is desirable to give the baby donor.

In this case, a newborn of a donor want be a same age however being bottle-fed. This is significant, since the composition

Women's milk varies according to a age and a milk woman whose child is much older, does not bring much good. In this case, it's good to adapted formulas designed to nourish children during a first 3 weeks of life.

Complicated feeding a baby the 1st 30 days of your with the disease of a mom. In acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat, it may feed your child fresh, while wearing a mask, done of layers of gauze 5.7 (you can have some of these masks for any feed). When an infectious disease of the newborn from her isolated and fed expressed warm milk pasteurized.

Physiological immaturity of a child's organism, occurring adverse pregnancy or childbirth may lead to unfavorable evolution of a central nervous system of a newborn, the however-called encephalopathy. He restlessly behaves, frequently wakes up crying lots. Read more -->

A baby would not pick up the natural!


So much may you expect, it's been more than 12 hours after birth, and a newborn does not put a fresh?

Wish to take decisive action. Mum to express her natural milk or colostrum and feed a newborn. Colostrum can be assorted with glucose. Feed best finger approach. If it is impossible to express her colostrum (the 1-st hours of his hands to express better than warm pump), for a 1st time may be given just aqua with glucose. A lot of children start to breastfeed when they are fed with a finger. Read more -->

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