Child retrograde blood


If a child is ofttimes spit up, you need to pay efforts to a position of a crumbs while breast-feeding, it is potential that a posture in which a child's sucking is not extremely comfortable in the process of eating a child grabs lots of air, because of this, and a process of retrograde blood. Any cause could be a improperly nipple or a big hole in it, which also contributes to a look of air in the aging body and why can not avoid retrograde blood. For the "bottle-baby" doctors recommend careful blend antireflyusnuyu and often even offer got limited treatment.

First months of newborn spit up often, in practice, later each feeding. However, if a child feels rightly and gaining weightiness, there is no cause to worry. Everything will pass of the a while.

To see a physician is if retrograde blood abundant and regular, similar vomiting (fountain), get a yellowish or greenish color and odor, and the behavior of the newborn restless, aging body weight deep.

Regurgitation is actually extremely rule thing for a newborn. To make sure the baby could have rid of the excess air and train a muscles of a stomach, it need be held upright later feeding, frequently lay on the stomach and you follow great posture while feeding. If it is with pronounced symptoms of a disease, an urgent must to consult a medic.

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