Regurgitation, diaper rash, warmth rash, crying baby


Anyone who spends caring for a child facing a phenomenon of retrograde blood during feeding a child. Frequently he is suffering with abdominal cramps, how that leaves a breast Sucitu legs, crying. At times it is frothy and white lumps chair.

This is explained by a physiological immaturity of the aging body. For a like reason, there are cases of poor digestion newborn natural milk. In this case, the child belly swells, a chair is more common, with mucus. It is influential to determine what caused all this, is not a result of a state of intestinal infection. If this is not install, before lactation is rightly to give 20-30 grams acidic acidophilic mixture. In severe cases, may possess to give up breast-feeding and on doctor's orders: to feed a baby with special medical formula.

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