Indispensable items for newborn


First of all, the upkeep of the child newborn is momentous to ensure proper hygienic maintenance and feeding. All of a most chief functions in a aging body in this your span baby unstable, in this regard, even a slightest changes in its environment affect health.

Highlight the room for a child or a put in the apartment. This placement should be well illuminated. If possible, leave the premises of unnecessary items. Floor, windows, doors, furniture, exposed permanently wet cleaning. Ventilate a apartment of a child once daily. In summer It is possible to always keep the pvc window open (preferably open them at night).

With the arrival of coldness weather for ventilation is recommended to open a transom or the wood window (the 1-st time in a absence of the baby, so with him.) In the apartment where a baby may not smoke. Not be in a children's rooms to wash and very dry diapers and underwear.

For a baby requires crib with the position walls (grid or lattice), where he will sleep and awake. Crib want also be cleaned regularly and every time dust. May not be adapted for this purpose stroller because with it you bring dust with the street, and in addition, for a baby in her little air.

The mattress in a cot need be tight - horsehair, hay or sea grass. Consummate not to use mattresses of down, feather or foam - kids from sweat, and approximately are allergic.

On a mattress lay oilskin, but a whole mattress cover oilcloth is not recommended, how difficult ventilation air.

Under a head or do not place a pillow or a more little, apartment. For a little child a big bag is harmful, since it facilitates a curvature of a spine. Nor must it be curtain bed - it restricts access to air and lightness. All bedding want be aired in a sweet air every time, and Thoroughly wash with soap and oil cloth.

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