Newborn 1 30 days


Highly influential for the baby's 1-st 5 days of life, at which time passes birth stress, the newborn want always be observed by your physician. Today, many babies are born with birthday trauma, low Apgar score, such babies require further examination, so mum and baby of the hospital may immediately translate to the children. In the early times, and laid a foundation for a successful breastfeeding. Immediately following birthday is used to a chest, and he gets a drop of valuable colostrum to good immunity in the next. 3-5 time my mother got a 1-st natural milk before a baby is fed colostrum. Milk and colostrum allocated as much as you newborn if you feed it on demand. Teach your child a correct capture of a chest, it is necessary not alone sucking the nipple and areola. These times it is great that pipsqueak not tried anything else other than to suck the natural: a nipple or bottle, you move the risk of spoiling a capture or have lazy newborn who just wants to drink with the bottle. If a baby needs supplementation or perhaps otpaivanie electrolyte (at zheltushka), do it with a spoonful.

In the 1-st 30 days, a infants eat about every 2 hours during the night feedings may be 3-5, but it is conditional. In periods of strong growth, usually towards a end of the first month pipsqueak can start to ask the warm more frequently. Be careful not to allow swallowing air when feeding or sucking hasty, it may increase cramps and frequent retrograde blood. If you find in a feces of natural milk curds clots, reduce feeding, newborn overeat and may disrupt digestion. Normally feeding lasts 20 minutes, saturation occurs in a 1-st 5-10 minutes. If the crumbs have not enough milk, so in this case, hold it under a warm more often and for longer active stimulation causes a tides. In a 1st 30 days, the infants are gaining weight 700-1000 grams and grow at 2-3 centimeter

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