Infant feeding mixing


If you claim a newborn food on a road, where it is impossible to meet all heartiness standards for its preparation, use store bought ready-made mixes for single use, or can be sterilized in a very dry bottle to pour a mixture in a separate jar to hold water for cooking.

In addition to the mixture is more important bottle from which you feed a newborn. It must be made with environmentally friendly plastic or glass to withstand stewing, the sizing and bod of the nipple need be adapted for the child. Now there are many various antikolikovyh bottles that prevent the ingress of air into the stomach, little bottles, imitating sucking of breasts, etc.

You are fed a mix of not more than once every 3 hours. The capacity of food required is calculated at the rate of 120-150 ml per 1 kilogram birthday weightiness divided by a number of feedings per time. Normally child to 30-60 ml in one feeding, and the monthly newborn is 90-120 ml. Do you have enough baby food to determine its behavior, dialed weight, and the number of dirty diapers and zapisyannyh. Remember that a baby has to be bottle-child permanently regular chair. If a newborn is gaining weight in a month more than the norm, it is potential to reduce a quantity the physician will recommend it to nourish portions or more, but less.

And the last thing I wish to say that bottle-feeding however opposed to breast does full contact with the mother's child, however try to always feed a child yourself, wear it a small longer on a handles. Frequently communicate with the child, how he did not feel lonely. It is possible to also install a joint dream with a baby, particularly in the 1st few weeks of your, because almost all lactation babies sleep with their moms, because not only require night feedings, but in bodily contact with them.

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