Learn whether a sufficient capacity of milk you can have a kid to certain criteria:


1) The newborn stands around a like intervals between feedings;

2) good-gaining weightiness and height;

3) the baby's stool a yellowish color, often 2-3 minutes daily. "Hungry" stool scanty, greenish, maybe with mucus.

In case of shortage of milk a newborn is not in a rush to introduce synthetic mix. Perfect decorate feeding the baby milk, which after expression in sterile container stored in a refrigerator up to 12 hours. In the case of pasteurized milk may be stored for longer.

For a 1st 30 days, on average Child adds 600 grams. But there is more. Depends on the temperament and character of sucking. There are efficient sucker who hurry up to eat and have full faster than, for example, "sloth." You suck the natural milk slowly and sluggishly, and then fell asleep. You should to wake up gently - to touch a cheek - and then offer "nectar of the gods."

If a baby is bottle-fed, a volume of the mixing is strictly defined. Its sizing and a choice of a mix need always be consistent with a newborn's pediatrician.

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