A attractive mother frequently worried umbilical wound in the child.


A umbilical cord, though there is no discharge from the hospital, but the wound did not heal mrzhet yet. Require careful disinfectant: daily wiping with 60% alcohol so wash with an aqueous resolution of eosin, application of sterile dressings, which want always be dry (if necessary replace it several times a day). Umbilical wound to heal completely on a fifteenth time after a patch is removed. When wound zarubtsuetsya, It is possible to bathe your child (some creation gigienncheskih sanitary conditions, including bath, see p. 21, to walk with him in the air in helf weather.

Sometimes a mother is worrying sweating newborn. Sweaty head, arms and legs. Want not be afraid of it. For a healthy child is normal. But it must be remembered: for the newborn harmful overheating, do not coddle him.

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