Newborn fester skin eyes


Following any special feeding mum must to massotherapy the lacrimal sac, it is located at a inner corner of the eye slit. Mom pushes to this put and produces up-and-down (6-10). If a massotherapy pus begins to flow, then you're doing it right. Massage want be done with sufficient force to capacity a light touch will bring. The younger a baby, the perfect the efficiency of treatment. Later 6 weeks of conservative treatment does not make sense. Treatment without massage, just ablution and antibiotic instillation, relieve inflammation, but later treatment a question can be repeated, how it only kills germs, and a channel will be scored, which again leads to a disease. Most ofttimes, after 2 weeks of treatment, the disease is. If a situation has not changed, the physician conducts lacrimal irrigation. To do this, the child is held by exceptional local anesthetic drops, then a ophthalmologist inserts a special probe and clears his tear ducts, and then produces an antibiotic lavage. Antibiotic eye held about time later a proceedings at house. Re-hole boring is normally required. But if you delay treatment to 6 weeks, you may even should surgery, because after six weeks, a film becomes gelatinous connective tissue with cartilaginous elements, ie removal of the probe tube will be problematic.

Dacryocystitis is most often after conservative treatment, and even cleaning the lacrimal probe is required infrequently. A peace of mind and performance instructions and medical man's instructions to speedily get rid of a crumbs of the problem.

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